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Senate Passes Rescue Bailout Package


Wednesdays stock market trying to recover.

With payroll data looming [report scheduled for release Friday morning],  Senate voting to rescue the economy [this evening], House trying to get its act together [anytime now] for another vote, the stock market is acting somewhat reasonable considering all the iffy news. At last look the market was improving with the Dow flat to positive, broader market working its way higher. Barometer model data suggests if things could settle down, news wise, stocks could head higher according to BLI data.

Dow swing of  400 points in one session.

Senate passes bailout rescue plan.

February, 2009

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Any other day that we see a 400 point Dow rally would be memorable

except when it occurred while the Dow had sunk by over 800 points. There doesn't seem to be any logic in what is happening to the stock market, as it continues to be extremely volatile. Or is there any logic in these extreme moves. The sentiment appears to be when stocks fallback, investors buy the depressed equities, then when stock prices rise they dump what they have to make a profit. Seems to be working as trading around positions is making money. The market, some day, will get back into stair stepping higher, in a bull market and I guess most will set back and wait to see that materialize. Some though will be buying these depressed shares at a deep discount and in the long-run will make out real well. Some say this is the end and stocks will never go back up in what everyone thinks of as a "bull market", that this time is different, seeing how the entire global economy is involved. It could be years, or it could be this week. Good luck in your choice but keep in mind the following: Be patient. Don't panic. Make an investment strategy and follow it. Diversify, diversify, diversify.


The Senate passed the rescue bailout package,

sent it to the House for a Friday morning vote.  Investors most likely believe that this time the House will pass the bill.  The problem now is earning and warnings are up along with some heavy duty economical data. People are beginning to think bad things about where stocks are headed. Are we ready to turn this market back around, or is the worst ahead.  Time will tell, but watch for false starts, as we have seen, we can be up one day down the next. So what does the forecast show.  <back to Wednesday's stock market



Are you new investor to the stock market?

Do you want to learn more on investing in stocks and funds?  If the answered is yes, we have a "how to" article just for beginners that covers the very basics of investing in stocks and funds.  From an introduction, to the importance of budgeting,  to "is stocks or funds right for you".  Also there is a section on forecasting the U.S. stock market and how to handle investing when the market reacts so violently, day after day.  Sit back and get involved and if you don't invest in stocks maybe this article will help alleviate any fear you may have.


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