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Market Outlook is a recap of the current and future condition of the U.S. stock market.

Indicates short-term U.S. equity market (S&P 500) forecast.

Indicates the strength of the forecast; it's a forecast bias, not a daily market bias.

Indicates long-term U.S. equity market (S&P 500) forecast.

Extended Forecast is a seven week forecast of the U.S. stock market.

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QuoteStream (Portfolio Management)

a portfolio tracker application



Take control of your stock market portfolio with QuoteStream, an on-line streaming-data portfolio management application tool. Simply click QuoteStream or Portfolio Tracker to get started. Start your free trial!!! 

QuoteStream delivers NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ Level 1, NASDAQ Level 2 delayed and real-time streamer data to your portfolio. Get connected!!!

Who uses real-time streaming data to track their portfolio? Fund managers, daytraders, individual investors, and so should you!!!

Get your own portfolio management application tool (QuoteStream)

Try it---   FREE TRIAL.

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portfolio management application tool

QuoteStream™ is a revolutionary new web delivered financial information application. QuoteStream™ is a true "Thin Client" hosted application that requires no download or installation by the user. It consists of a small, fast loading Java applet (under 100kb), which is delivered via a standard web page or HTML based email. QuoteStreams™ intuitive design and innovative features distinguishes it from other web-based streaming products by incorporating an unparalleled array of financial equities data including NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ Level 1, NASDAQ Level 2, Canadian Exchange Group, live intra-day charting and historical charting, company news, ECN books, corporate research, headline news, stock alerts, technical analysis, web links, Java trading interfaces, and streaming audio/video.

QuoteStream™ is distributed on a private branded, real time or delayed basis to on-line brokerage firms, financial institutions, and web portals wishing to offer dynamic financial content to their established user base.

Manage you portfolio today with QuoteStream, a portfolio tracker that keeps track of your stocks. You can add, delete, and change symbols (stock symbols).

What does QuoteStream (portfolio tracker) do- It's a portfolio management application tool-

Quotestream (portfolio tracker) is cutting-edge investment monitoring technology that offers the ability for the user to track personalized stocks, mutual funds, option chains and monitor their own portfolios throughout the trading day. This intuitive and easy to use market application contains such unique features as a trend meter, integrated desktop alerts to notify the user of price and volume changes, and portfolio based news and market alerts.

Quotestream's unique auto-registration architecture allows for seamless, confidential, integration to existing client bases enabling each client to completely customize their portfolio. Each time the user returns, their personalized portfolio will be conveniently displayed for their immediate use.

portfolio tracker - portfolio management software

Customizable portfolios, streaming data.
You can monitor up to 45 symbols in five separate portfolios. Features include, 25 columns of information for each symbol, such as Open, High, Low, Close, Bid, Bid Size, Ask, Ask Size, Volume, Last Tick Trend Meter, total portfolio value and more.

In addition, Quotestream (portfolio tracker) has the unique ability to be fully integrated with existing user bases.

portfolio tracker - portfolio management software

Quick access to corporate research.
Clicking on a symbol will access company-specific charts, news, historical quote information, SEC filings, option chains, discussion boards, research reports, and much more.

And with simple to use drop-down menus and intuitive interfaces, Quotestream is the most user-friendly portfolio tracking application on the market.

portfolio tracker - portfolio management software

NASDAQ Level 2 with intraday charts.
One click takes you to dynamic NASDAQ Level 2 data feeds with live trading information. Intraday and Historical Dynamic Charts, Market Maker Positions, and Time and Sales data are readily available. Strategic indicators and intelligent color-coding clearly illustrate changes in Market Maker positions and trading trends.

portfolio tracker - portfolio management software

Streaming news and live video feeds
Keep up-to-date with full access to news stories related to portfolio symbols, or via a categorized look-up, broken down into over 400 topic, demographics, or geographic locations.

Integrated live financial video broadcasts are available 24/7, with programming including 10 hours of live market coverage and special analytical forums from the top North American news providers.

Take a test drive as we are sure you will be amazed at the intuitive interface, user-friendly layout, and the dynamic presentation of market data. Be sure to check out the NASDAQ Level 2 data display with intraday charting, option chains, and portfolio based news.

Remember, each individual user may maintain 5 customizable portfolios of 45 symbols each, and up to 225 securities, all stored for immediate retrieval the next time the user visits the application.

Quick access to real-time "Snap Quotes" are available by ticker, embedded in the application, and single clicks lead to dynamic intraday charting and interactive historical charting, each with technical indicators.

Simple options allow the user to modify Quotestream, as well. The user can change the colors, column order, and alert settings by price and volume.

Try it! Take the free trial and see how it works. No credit card is required for the trial.


portfolio management application  portfolio management  portfolio management tool


The QuoteStream™ provides streaming market data for your selected securities. It allows you to enter your own portfolio data such as amount of shares and purchase price. It tracks your portfolios in delayed or real time modes. QuoteStream™ is the default view. The Portfolio button allows you to track 45 symbols in each of 5 different portfolios. Click on any other button to move to another screen. Click on Portfolio button and select any one of the Portfolio to default to QuoteStream™ view from any screen.

The Chart Channel button provides graphic stock performance charts for specific companies. The charts are customizable for the time-period they cover, from daily to yearly. Chart colors can also be modified through the Option button under Color. Click on the Chart Channel on the top navigation bar to view performance charts. Specify company symbol in quote box located at the left corner below the top navigation bar Specify chart type by clicking on the selection in the lower navigation bar. Exit the Chart view, by clicking on another channel in the top navigation bar. This unique, interactive charting module allows you to track intraday and historical charts for all of your positions. It offers you the ability to zoom in to specific timelines and add your own trend lines or apply any number of technical algorithms such as stochastic, moving averages, money flow, etc.

The Level 2 Channel button provides access to NASDAQ Level 2 market trading. Level 2 trading provides a view of the "bids and asks" in the markets that are used by market makers to gauge the current share price for any share transaction. Level 2 is only available for companies listed on the NASDAQ Exchange. Click on the Level 2 button on the top navigation bar to view Level 2 information. Specify company symbol in quote box located at the left corner below the top navigation bar View Level 2 information and charts. Click on lower navigation bar buttons to select chart options. Click on the Portfolio button and select any one of the Portfolio to return to QuoteStream™ view.

The Market channel button provides information on the Market Indices as well as top "gainers and losers" and most active stocks on North American Exchanges. Select the Markets button on the top navigation bar and you will activate a drop down menu. Choose your Market Indices information option Click once to launch a window to view information Click the X (close button) on the top right of the window to return to the

The News Channel button provides access to a wide variety of news categories selected from a drop down menu and appearing by story headline in the bottom of the QuoteStream™. Click on the News button on the top navigation bar and you will activate a drop down menu. Select any one of the topics, you will see the news headline. Click on the headline once to view the full text story. Click on any other channel button to move to another information screen.

The Trade Channel button provides access to online trading. Click on the Trade button to open the page containing list of online trading firms. Simply click on the logo of the trading company to be connected to their trading web pages.

Click on the Setup button in the top navigation bar to modify any one of the following user preferences: background and foreground colors and desktop alert settings. These customizable options allow you to tailor QuoteStream™ to suit your personal preferences. QuoteStream™ has been designed to notify you when an programmed event occurs. You can set it to notify you instantly when a high price, low price or volume limit event occurs. It offers a unique combination of Desktop pop up alerts and audio alerts.

Copied with permission- QuoteMedia, Inc.

Portfolio tracker is also known as QuoteStream. QuoteMedia, Inc. is a Internet streaming financial data provider that developed a portfolio tracker (QuoteStream) for website portals to offer to their customers. The portfolio tracker can be used by customers to track their stock market portfolios. There is a wide range of portfolio management applications on the Internet, but QuoteMedia's portfolio tracker is well priced with lots of options and functions at different price ranges.  ...

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