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Economic pressure, banks failing, Auto industry in turmoil, and unemployment surging, yet stocks appear near a March bottom


Stocks give in to economic pressures, give-up 3-5 percent for the week

A not so good week unless you look on the bright side of things.  What's bright is the new Barometer channel still looks intact and that could mean a bottom still is feasible.  If the G7 can come up with some smart moves this weekend that catches investors eye, maybe stocks can advance next week through some hard resistance levels.  The G7, leading World economic nations, could and must give confidence so that the global economy can get back on track.  The G7 meets in Rome and lets hope they can shock and awe the markets.


Big recovery Thursday as broader stocks fight back, tech rallies

Stocks sink Thursday only to make a big recovery in the last hour of trade with the Dow and S&P 500 fighting back to unchanged and the tech heavy NASDAQ rallying to near 3/4 percent gain.  Jobless initial claims [unemployment] declined 8,000 but those taking first time unemployment is nearly doubled from last year.  Oil sells off as volatility seems to be back in all markets.  Forecast headline reads "Data STILL suggests a bottom..." in this big Bear market as it appears support is being tested.  Although the data from the forecast models looks very good for a stock market recovery, the forecast still reads CAUTION, for now.

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Stocks advance further into positive territory after bailout agreement reached

Stocks languish around the flat line Wednesday for most of the session when after the stimulus agreement investors began biding stocks higher to end the day with a small gain, well off from yesterdays controlled crash of prices.  Bank CEO's get hammered on the Hill today as they try and explain what they have done [and plan to do with] the bailout money received.  The major indexes ended higher by 1/2 percent.


The devil is in the details of which we have none

With little change in the new administration- in as far as the bailout plan goes- no details have taken investors to sell stocks in the continued uncertainty of just how will we get out of this recession.  Stock indexes were doing ok, for the most part, until the lack of details on the stimulus package, when it was understood today would be the unveiling of the plan for the ailing economy and banks.  Today's sell off is in direct reaction to the build up of hope dashed.


Barometer models see bottom building channel

A new Barometer channel appears to be building.  A Barometer channel is a navigation passage that the Barometer models have identified that could be a predictor of the stock market.  The Barometer channel chart shows the establishment of an upward-trending channel through which the Barometer-plot could travel. The Barometer-plot moving upward through the channel indicates a stock market that has bottomed or is about too.  The next couple of weeks will be important in further development of this new seen turnaround in the stock market.  The forecast bug is updated when changes occur.  The forecast currently stands at caution.


Pre midday model changes BLI

The pre midday model-run changed the BLI to neutral from negative.  Data suggest that a more positive trend in stocks could be near [S&P 500 chart].  Although the BLI is no longer negative, a move to neutral only indicates a probability that sentiment is changing and that "better times" could be near.  The forecast continues to indicate caution.


Worse than expected jobs report had little effect over pre market

Companies [nonfarm payroll jobs] lost 598,000 jobs in January with the unemployment rate rising to 7.6 percent, the Labor Department reported today.  Payroll employment had lost 3.6 million jobs since December 2007, about half of the decline occurred in the past three month reporting period.  January's job losses were large and widespread across almost all major sectors.  With revisions, jobs data came in worse than most economist had expected.  The report had little effect over Fridays futures session with the stock market in rally mode midday. 


Investors pump up stocks ahead of nasty jobs data

Investors end their buying spree ahead of what most expect to be a very nasty jobs report.  Weekly jobless claims suggest that nonfarm payroll data could be bad as well as seeing the unemployment rate increase.  At some point markets will discount the bad news and drive stocks up past resistance [S&P 500 chart].  It may be tomorrow and it could be later in the year.


Unemployment lines added 35,000 more x-workers

The Labor Department reported that new jobless claims rose by 35,000 to 626,000. The Jobless new claims chart shows a surging unemployment rate that sees no sign of stabilizing. Market reaction was mostly negative during the pre market and early trading Thursday. February, 2009


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