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"Today's stock market forecast"


Market Outlook is a recap of the current and future condition of the U.S. stock market.

Indicates short-term U.S. equity market (S&P 500) forecast.

Indicates the strength of the forecast; it's a forecast bias, not a daily market bias.

Indicates long-term U.S. equity market (S&P 500) forecast.

Extended Forecast is a seven week forecast of the U.S. stock market.

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Investor Concerns


Investor Concerns:

How to begin DRIP investing.

How to invest

Investing 101 for beginners

How to make a budget

Economy added 209,000 jobs.

Unemployment Rate 4.3 percent.

GDP +3.2 percent.

GDP chart 1987 to 2017.

Weekly Jobless Report.

How to tell where the market is going.


Seven Week ForecastMay is looking very positive

--Long-Term Extended Forecast--

Major stock market indexes- forecast

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Forecast Objective and Definition:

Objective of the forecast is to identify major advances and declines as well as trading-range markets. The bias is used to identify the likelihood of the forecast to maintain the forecast.

Today's forecast:

Forecast of CAUTION with a neutral forecast-bias means the indices are nearly equally weighted;  no positive or negative advantage;  the market could be up one day, down the next;  could enter trading range... More information can be found on the Market Forecast Outlook page.


Watch the "bug" upper left corner on all public pages for changes.   <Today's action>


Generally Favorable Environment

When the forecast displays positive, the market [major indices] is expected to generally advance with positive sentiment, discounting most bad news. Brief periods of pullbacks are expected as the indices advance with higher-highs and higher-lows.




Cautionary/ neutral environment

When the forecast displays caution, the market [major indices] is expected to generally meander possibly in a sideways motion decline and advancing with mixed sentiment. Periods of advances and declines are expected but the indices overall will trend in a range dictated by events surrounding market sentiment


Generally Negative Environment

When the forecast displays negative, the market [major indices] is expected to generally decline with negative sentiment, discounting most good news. Brief periods of advances are expected but the indices overall will decline with lower-highs and lower-lows.

Forecast Summary and Analysis:

Forecast Summary and Analysis of the U.S. Stock Market

Ninth Year Of Bull Market With The Major Averages Continuing To Make Gains

For many months stocks have been up up and away.  Most of the market believe a correction or pullback is at hand.  But as always, the stock market can and will do what is least expected...



Fiscal Cliff Is Done, Now It's Onto Earnings/ Outlook And Economic Data

Euro Area and U.S. have been under pressure over debt and budget issues.

Weekly Performance and what drove the markets.

Tomorrows stock market open- outlook.

The forecast for the U.S. stock market.




Oil-gas-distillate prices, geopolitical events, a slowing housing sector,  a spending pullback by the consumer, earnings & outlook [guidance] will continue to play an important role for traders and investors in deciding their buy/sell strategy.

Note: Any news item can immediately affect the market, either in a  positive or negative way. The Barometer doesn't immediately calculate 'surprise' news that may be released. Therefore, always be prepared for the unexpected.

Traders and investors will keep watch on indicators such as the nonfarm payrolls report, productivity report, PPI - CPI inflation data, GDP, and jobless new claims.  These reports will produce volatility in the markets if the data is stronger or weaker than expected.

Traders and investors are very well adapted to analyzing what the Fed will and wont do. Economical data reports, such as above, that are unexpected and Fed-talk as well as minutes from FOMC meetings, all, can cause volatility.


The Market Memo is a general advisory and should be viewed as an opinion of the future of the U.S. equities market. Use the Barometer forecast "bug" for a more accurate forecast along with the daily home page commentary. Although market conditions seem to move fast, when it comes to identifying the Barometer technical conditions of the market, it moves slower than one would think.
Definition of the forecast display- upper left corner of all public pages
  Purpose:   Indicates current and future U.S. equity market trend.
    POSITIVE Green indicates a positive market generally trending higher.
    NEGATIVE Red indicates a negative market generally trending lower.
    CAUTION Orange indicates a neutral or cautionary market environment.
  Purpose:   Indicate the strength of the forecast; it's a forecast bias, not a daily market bias.
    POSITIVE Green indicates a positive bias to the current forecast.
    NEGATIVE Red indicates a negative bias to the current forecast.
    NEUTRAL Orange indicates a properly positioned forecast.
  Purpose:   Barometer Leading Indicator.  Forward-looking indicator that detects market direction changes.
    POSITIVE Green indicates a positive future detected.
    NEGATIVE Red indicates a negative future detected.
    NEUTRAL Orange indicates a neutral, undecided condition.
More information can be found on these indicators in Stock Market Outlook section




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